FAQs about the Get Legit Toolkit

Who is the Get Legit Toolkit for?

The material in the Toolkit applies to anyone who sells physical products, whether online and/or in person. Nearly all the concepts other than Module 7 (inventory) apply to those who sells digital products as well.

That being said, the course is designed with makers and handmade sellers in mind. I also have a few specifically Etsy-based tutorials (like how to set up sales tax on Etsy's system). The bulk of the course applies to handmade sellers who sell anywhere online or in person.

The course is a good fit for both beginner shop owners and experienced shop owners who are looking to get legit.

I don't sell on Etsy. Should I not take this course?

I have a few Etsy-centric tutorials, but the concepts in the Toolkit are universally applicable no matter where you sell.

When will the course content become available?

All course content will be accessible immediately after purchase. If you purchase the Super or VIP tier, I have to manually enroll you in your bonus modules. You will be enrolled within 48 hours of purchase.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

All Toolkit tiers include lifetime access to the course.

I can't enroll right now. Will I be able to sign up for the Get Legit Toolkit later?

The Get Legit Toolkit is only be open to new students for a limited time in March and April. After the cart closes, I will close enrollment for an undetermined period of time. 

Do I get to ask questions about the material?

All Toolkit tiers include access to the private Get Legit Community on Facebook. This is the place where you can ask all your questions about the course material as you get to work!

What does the course cover?

  • Module 1: Banking - setting up a bank account, separating business funds, common bank terms, how to find a bank with the lowest fees
  • Module 2: Bookkeeping - comparing options for makers, what you should record each month, bookkeeping tasks, getting paperwork organized, and how to pay yourself
  • Module 3: State Sales Tax - how sales tax works, sales tax terms you need to know, how to figure out how sales tax works in YOUR location, registering for your sales tax permit, what to expect on your sales tax forms and how often to file, how to set up your shop to correctly charge sales tax
  • Module 4: State & Local Licenses - other business licenses & permits that may apply to your business, business entity types, and whether an LLC makes sense for your business
  • Module 5: Federal Income Tax - registering for your EIN, how income tax works and ties in with your personal tax return, step-by-step review of the Schedule C, common business deductions, mileage expense, home office deduction, and how self-employment tax works
  • Module 6: Saving for Taxes - how long you need to keep receipts, how to save for taxes throughout the year, estimated quarterly taxes and how they work, the Form 1040ES, and what to expect regarding taxes at year end
  • Module 7: Inventory for Makers - what is inventory & cost of goods sold, why inventory matters, how to keep track of inventory in your books, and what you need to do at year end regarding inventory
  • Bonus Modules: Interpreting your Etsy 1099K and NEW with this launch - the Depreciation for Makers workshop

Are you excited yet?

What's included in the different tiers?

I promise you that the Basic Toolkit is enough for you to get the financial side of your business set up with confidence. If you're looking for more, the Super and VIP Toolkits include some extra special bonuses. I've partnered with the top experts in the handmade industry to offer resources especially for handmade sellers looking to build a profitable shop. I also have included some of my own Paper + Spark bestselling products in the VIP Toolkit.


The Suggested Tools Guide (updated for 2018) will include a list of recommend resources for makers and online sellers. The guide includes everything from social media schedulers to tax preparers who specialize in our industry. 

The Etsy Essentials Guide by Steph with Zero to Biz all about how to get started successfully on Etsy (set up shop with ease!).

The Top 5 Legal Checkpoints Guide provides an intro to the most important legal concepts creative business owners need to know, written by Joey Vitale of Indie Law, an attorney for creatives.

The US Safety Compliance workshop is a 1 hour recorded interview with compliance expert Misty Henry. The workshop addresses what makers need to know about safety compliance, and includes worksheets, a resource list, and flow chart PDFs.


The Money Mindset workshop focuses on building a positive attitude when it comes to your finances on both a personal and business level. During this 30-minute workshop, I also discuss actionable strategies to help you deal with icky money situations - like how to deal with potential customers complaining that your prices are too high, offering discounts to family & friends, and more. The workshop includes worksheets and a resource list as well. The goal of the Money Mindset workshop is to help you feel more empowered and confident about your finances. A positive mindset is key! This workshop by Janet is not available for sale anywhere else!

The Launch Your Etsy Shop in 5 Days e-course, created by Steph with Zero to Biz, walks you through launching your Etsy shop from ground zero. With video and PDF lessons, the course covers the administrative side of setting up shop, pricing products, photography, branding, and how to deal with shipping. You'll also learn the in's and out's of Etsy tags, titles, and listings, along with how to drive traffic to your shop.

The Crafting a Business 101: The Creative Business Plan is my 50+ page e-book all about crafting a business plan for your shop. Through specific prompts and printable worksheets, I guide you through defining your why, figuring out your target audience, honing in on your marketing strategy, and lots more. This e-book is the cornerstone of Paper + Spark and will guide you through the non-financial aspects of setting up shop!

The VIP Toolkit also includes one Paper + Spark seller spreadsheet of your choice to help you get a bookkeeping system set up!

Finally, you'll also get access to my popular Asana for Makers course, which helps you learn life-changing productivity and time management skills.

How long will it take me to complete the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is meant to be worked through at your own pace. You will complete some really important foundational steps for your business - like getting your sales tax permit, setting up sales tax in your online shop, and opening a business bank account. Some of these action steps will take time, and others can be done quickly & painlessly online. For most people, the course should take 2-4 weeks to complete.

What's your refund policy?

I believe that the content of the Toolkit is going to be a game-changer for your business and that the content here is invaluable. I also believe in the integrity of my customers. If you purchase the Toolkit, get started, and feel like it's not a good fit for you, then I'm happy to offer a 100% refund within 14 days of enrollment. All you need to do is email me at hello@paperandspark.com.